2-Day LPVO Course

Low Powered Variable Optic

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This is a 2-day course, balancing speed and accuracy utilizing a LPVO (Low Powered Variable Optic) on a rifle or carbine. Course will consist of: Zeroing, shooting from multiple positions, use of aids to hold rifle steady, range estimation use of BDC, MIL reticle overview, Students will also shoot from 15yds with run and gun drills and out to at least 450yds. Required Gear: Semi-Auto Rifle (non-specific) with at least 3 magazines. (This is not a long-range bolt gun course). LPVO Sling, 1 rifle magazine pouch Some sort of small pack to rest rifle on to shoot from Eye and ear protection Bring a lunch we will be eating at the range each day. Ammunition Requirement: 600rds rifle Recommended gear (not required at all): Some sort of shooting or exercise mat to lay on Bipods Range and wind estimation instruments if you have them Camp style chair

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