2-Day Performance Shooting

Combined Performance Rifle and Skills and Drills

Service Description

2-Day Dynamic shooting course, combing all the drills from Performance Rifle and Skills and Drills. You will learn shooting drills that balance speed and accuracy, highlighting dynamic movement, increasing target engagement speed, and shooting while moving. We will shoot all the drills from MTS YouTube channel such as: 15rds Fury, 9 shot, Add Two, Outer Inner, Running Diamond, Four by Two, and more. Drills developed during my time in Special Forces. All drills designed to increase one’s ability to balance both speed and accuracy with the rifle and pistol. Cost: Starts at $335 (pricing adjusted based on range fees, travel costs, other expenses). Required Gear: Rifle (non-specific) AR, AK, Bullpup etc, with at least 3 magazines. Sling, 1 rifle magazine pouch Pistol with holster, at least 2 mags, 1 magazine pouch. Eye and ear protection Bring a lunch we will be eating at the range each day. 600rds rifle 200rds pistol ammunition Recommended gear: Folding or camp style Chair Water will be provided

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